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Pewter Dove Wedding Couple Set Set of 2

Set of 2 Pewter Dove Wedding Couple Set
Set of 2

This original set is meticulously sculpted and cast in solid pewter to capture all the details of the original sculpt. The dove gracefully holds two delicate glass horns in its outstretched wings. The tail feathers of the dove and a rose bush at its feet form the base of the holder. A separately cast pewter oval with rose pattern is engravable and fits perfectly into the rose bush, upon which the names of the wedding couple and the date of their special event can be permanently etched. (Additional ovals are available as well so that information can be changed at any later date.) The glass horns are accented with a platinum halo.

Material: Pewter Origin: Thailand Volume: 0.25L (each horn) Dimensions: 9"