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Pewter Falconer Stein

Pewter Falconer Stein
Pewter, raised-relief decoration. Unquestionably, this is the most ornate pewter stein available. The body design consists of four subject panels depicting works by Albrecht Duerer, a famous Renaissance painter and engraver. Pillars, archways, portraits and his famous signature serve as border decorations. The titles of each of the works of art appear below each engraving. The arches and pillars are accented in gold-leaf. Above the ornate footed base is an ornamental steeple pewter lid and a falconer is the lid figurine. Falconry, also called hawking is the sport employing falcons, hawks and eagles in hunting. The stein is a limited edition of 999 pieces. Each piece is individually numbered and registered.

Material: Pewter Origin: Germany Volume: .4L Dimensions: 11-1/2"