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Pewter Engravable Birth Plate Set of 2

Set of 2 Pewter Engravable Birth Plate
Set of 2

A very detailed theme of a newbornís bedroom with cradle, rocking chair, teddy bears and other accessories are displayed in detailed embossed pewter. This very affordably priced piece has many surface areas in which specific details of a newbornís birth can be engraved. There is ample additional space in the smooth interior circular band in which grandparentís names and other additional information can be engraved. The grandfather clock in the bedroom can also have hands engraved indicating the time of the birth. A built-in pewter hanger is permanently attached to the back side of the plate so that it can be displayed on the wall or on a table.

Material: Pewter Origin: Germany Volume: n/a Dimensions: 9" diameter