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Peter Duemler Tournament Stein

Peter Duemler Tournament Stein
Peter Duemler, a famous German sculptor of steins in the 19th Century, created this classic stein. Made by Thewalt of Germany. Stoneware, raised-relief exceptional piece. Four separately cast pewter knights on horseback appear in the subject panels and are attached to the black glazed stoneware body. The pillars, arches and steeples are accented in gold-leaf paint. The ramís head handle completes this dramatic stein. Two gold bands accent the top and bottom of the stein. The embossed pewter lid is in the shape of a knight's helmet with plumage and a pewter shield is below the helmet, upon which initials of the stein's owner can be engraved. The plumage doubles as the thumblift of the stein. Limited edition of 10,000 pieces.

Material: Stoneware Origin: Germany Volume: 0.50L Dimensions: 7-1/2"